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Yuyao Yuandong Chemical Co. , Ltd. was founded in August 1989, is a science and technology-based fine chemical private enterprises, the existing staff of more than 70 people, including 30% of science and technology personnel, senior titles 4 people, the company covers an area of 8600m2, located in the central Partofa of Ningsao Zhongyuan, Hangyu Expressway Yuyao Kou 800 meters, railway Yuyao station 8 km, Ningbo port 40 kilometers, Ningbo Airport 40 kilometers, convenient transportation.

The company specializes in the production of rubber tires, rubber products and friction materialvulation isolation agent (demolding agent), the current product has film isolation agent, capsule isolation agent, mold release agent, tire modifier, internal (outside) spray agent, such as five series, more than 20 products, suitable for meridian tires, black tires and rubber miscellaneous, The vulcanization isolation of rubber inner tube and friction material, and the inrecentation of meridian tire isolation agent (internal and external spraying), mold release agent and new type of capsule isolation agent developed in recent years, are widely used for their low cost and superior quality. The company has been fully implementing ISO9001 international quality management system since 2000, SH series isolation agent production capacity of up to more than 10,000 tons.

The company is committed to new product development, has a first-class technology research and development team, and learn from foreign advanced technology experience, products in the domestic leading position, will be able to provide you with satisfactory products and high-quality services.




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