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What are the factors that affect the smooth release of the product?

What are the factors that affect the smooth release of the product?

2019-12-09 12:45

The demolding time of the product is the non-production time after the parison is blow-molded, and it should be as short as possible. However, if the product cannot be successfully demolded, it will not only prolong the molding cycle and interfere with the normal molding process, but also increase the parison waste. The factors affecting the smooth demolding of the product are mainly the following:

1. Transitional cooling of products. Increased molding cooling time, increased inflation pressure, reduced parison wall thickness, etc., are conducive to the shaping of the product and reduce the shrinkage of the product. However, due to the transitional cooling of the product, not only the production efficiency is reduced, but also the shrinkage of the product is reduced, the rigidity is increased, and it is difficult to demold;

2. The mold design is unreasonable. In the design of the inflation mold, due to various considerations, the design department was reasonable. E.g:

① The mold cavity is not designed with a proper demolding slope;

② The sliders of the mold in the handle and insert parts are not coordinated;

③ Improper installation of mold guide posts;

④ The surface of the mold cavity has burrs and is rough;

⑤ The depth / slope design of the groove in the mold cavity is unreasonable.

3. The anti-blocking and slipping properties of the raw materials are poor. When these phenomena occur, the release agent can be added to solve the problem by spraying the mold release agent in the mold cavity;

4. Operation error. When the operator produces the product, due to the careless work, the mold surface is damaged, causing burrs, etc., which can cause difficulty in demolding.

The above are the factors that affect the smooth demolding of the product. We must pay special attention during the production and use process, try to avoid this situation, and ensure the smooth demolding of the product!

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