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What is the difference between water-based release agent and water-based release agent?

What is the difference between water-based release agent and water-based release agent?

2019-12-09 12:47

For friends in the industry, it is still very easy to distinguish between water-based release agents and water-based release agents, but for lay friends, the chances of confusing the two are relatively high. Today, I will introduce to you how to distinguish between water-based release agent and water-based release agent?

Release agent is a functional substance between the mold and the finished product. Water-based release agent has good chemical resistance, it will not be dissolved when it comes into contact with the chemical composition of different resins. The release agent also has heat resistance and stress properties, and is not easy to wear or decompose. It is very rare that the release agent is applied to the mold and transferred to the processed part, and it does not hinder painting or other secondary processing operations. Due to the rapid development of molding, SMC, injection molding and other processes, the amount of release agent has also increased significantly. With the increasing awareness of national environmental protection, the environmental protection industry has also achieved unprecedented development, and various types of water-based release agents have become popular synonymous today. The principle of the release agent is to isolate the release effect, and is commonly used for the release of carbon fiber products or glass fiber reinforced plastic products.

The water-based release agent can also be called a "release agent". The only thing that needs to be distinguished is that the release agent forms a release layer between the mold and the gelling substance to release the effect. A simple understanding is to play a role of release. Of additives. It is specifically referred to differently in different fields. Common film release agents, such as those used in rubber processing, are a type of operational auxiliary, whose main function is to prevent the film surfaces from adhering to each other. It is widely used in plasticizing, mixing, tabletting and forming of raw rubber and rubber.


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