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Reasons and solutions for the appearance of spots on rubber release agents

Reasons and solutions for the appearance of spots on rubber release agents

2019-12-09 12:48

  Rubber release agent is an interface coating used on the surface of two objects that are easy to adhere to each other. It can make the surface of the object easy to detach, smooth and clean. However, in the production process, if improper operation methods are used, it is easy to have spots during product molding. Next, the editor will analyze the reasons and solutions for this situation.

  1. Caused by evaporation: During evaporation, solids cannot be precipitated to form a uniform film. Dispersants and solvents must be adjusted.

  2, caused by spray flow: adjust the spray amount of the release agent.

  3, caused by uneven spraying: improve coating.

  4. Caused by grease flow: It is easy to turn around, and it is overcome in mold design.

  5, caused by wiping: choose the hardness of the release agent and solvent system.

  6. Shrinkage caused by the product: The shrinkage stress exceeds the anti-tension, and the concentric marks are mainly adjusted by the material shrinkage rate and injection pressure.

  7. Caused by air bubbles: There are many fine bubble pits on the surface of the product, raw material problems or defoaming properties of the release agent, there is a space between the mold and the mold, or the surface of the mold is rough.

  The above are the reasons and solutions for the spots on the surface of the rubber release agent shared by Xiaobian. Rubber release agents are used in glass fiber reinforced plastics, metal die casting, polyurethane foam and elastomers, injection molded thermoplastics, and vacuum foamed sheets. It has a wide range of applications in various molding operations such as steel and extruded profiles.


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